About Us

Our Philosophy…

In an industry that is dominated by product sales, wrap fees, and commissions, it seemed that the client should have another option –the option to receive professional financial advice without having to worry whether or not they were receiving a recommendation because it was in the firm’s or advisor’s best interest rather than the client.

At Objective Planning, we believe that advice should not be influenced by a commission or the amounts of assets one could have under management. We believe advice is a service and should maintain a level of objectivity that could come under question should any payment aside from the service fee ever be received. We are fee-only and proud of it.

There are many roads to wealth. The more common roads to wealth include investing in securities, real estate, or creating and growing a privately held business. One common factor to all of these roads is that if you spend more than you make on a consistent basis, you will move along the path to poverty instead of heading toward increased wealth. Our role at Objective Planning is to assist you towards building wealth and helping you achieve the goals that you have through financial planning and advice.