Goal Setting: An Introduction – Part 2

The List

Many people often have a variety of different interests whether related to work, interests, relationships or religion. Seldom does it make sense for one to drop everything else to pursue one thing. That being said, we all only have 168 hours in our week and a certain degree of talents, skills, and resources we can place towards attaining our dreams and goals. Most people’s goals and dreams fall in the following eight areas:

Career (Your work, job, profession, etc. and related goals)

Community (Any volunteer activities)

Educational/Mental (Any educational activities, formal or self-educational)

Family/Friends (Relations you care about)

Interests (Hobbies, travel, etc.)

Material (Items that you want: cars, jewelry, homes, etc.)

Physical (Any physical goals you may have)

Religious/Spiritual (Beliefs relating to a philosophy or a higher power)

Not everyone has strong interests in all of these areas. It may be that you have interests in only one or two of these areas. It may be that you have interests in all eight over the course of your lifetime, but it is just not practical to deal with these all at once. That is understandable as well. What thought have you given to these areas?

As an exercise, you may want to spend some time thinking about these areas in your life and write down whatever comes to mind. Try to have a list in each of these areas. If it is an area in which you do not have strong feelings, try to come up with at least eight items. If it is an area that is important to you, try to come up with a list of at least sixteen items. Do not worry about whether an item listed is really important at this stage. That will come later. This is an opportunity for brainstorming/exploration. This exercise could easily take a couple of hours of your time. Enjoy it.