Goal Setting: An Introduction – Part 4

The Final Countdown

Hopefully you have had a chance to sleep and now are ready to look over your now shortened brackets again. By this point, you should have narrowed out 75% or more of the items that you had originally listed. What you now see before you is somewhat important to you at least at this time. It probably would be a good idea to keep each of these to reference at a later time.

Now it is time to repeat the bracket process. Have all of your remaining items listed and see how they stack with each other. Once you get down to your final eight, you really should consider getting someone you trust in on the process. Talk with them over why these items are important to you. Discuss how you would plan to achieve each of these goals. What steps would be necessary and how would it impact your life in other areas?

How practical would it be to achieve each of these items?

Please note that just because a goal is difficult does not mean that it is not attainable and should not be pursued before an easier goal. There is a saying that one should reach for the low-hanging fruit first. Those who say this probably have never picked apples professionally. When picking apples, you usually climb a ladder with a bag and pick the apples on the top of the tree (which usually are the highest quality) first, and then as the bag gets heavier, you descend the ladder and eventually pick the low-hanging fruit. Do not shun a goal or dream that is important to you because it is not easy. These may even be the most important ones to pursue first.

Now that you have had a chance to talk over at least your final eight with someone else, choose your top four and rank them. These are the items that I would advise placing your efforts and resources on.  Tell your trusted partner what these goals are and work out a plan to try to achieve them.  Keep accountable with progress reports on these goals, and chances are that you will be more likely to reach them.

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