Our Scope

Goal Setting/Clarification

Many of our clients are surprised at the level of detail we take in order to get to know you and your goals. We encourage our clients to write out a list of what is important to them in all aspects of their lives and what they are hoping to achieve, experience, or have. For those who may have an artistic bent we further encourage to put together a dream book which is a collection of images or other media that they have of their goals.

The collection of your goals may range from short term to long term and from small to large. By putting these goals out on paper, we believe that not only can these goals can be prioritized and clarified; we believe the chance of these goals being reached increases.

In order to help you achieve your goals we believe that it is extremely important to clarify what exactly it is that you are hoping to achieve and its importance to you.

Cash Flow Analysis/Budgeting

The financial lifeblood of any organization is its cash flow. We work with clients to try to improve their cash flow. This often comes through working with you on your budget and making sure that your resources are aligned with what you have identified as important.


Many of our clients have some mixture of assets and liabilities. We work with our clients to help position their assets in a manner that will help them achieve their goals. We believe that all forms of assets can be used to help you achieve your plan whether these assets are cash holdings, real estate, securities, a profitable privately-held business, etc. It is important to realize that when it comes to helping you achieve your objectives, that any liabilities you possess have a significant impact. We will work with you to address these liabilities.


Managing risk is a very important part of helping you achieve your objectives. Often there are benefits that you may either have available as an employee or business owner that can be integrated with privately held insurance. Other benefits such as flexible savings accounts, retirement accounts, and employee stock purchase plans are often available.

Tax Planning

Often how you position your investments and direct your cash flow has a significant impact on your ability to reach your goals. Objective Planning does not prepare tax returns for our clients, but we can work with you and your tax preparer to integrate tax strategies. This could mean taking advantage of different investment vehicles.

Investment Planning

At Objective Planning, we have yet to run into a client whose sole goal was to retire. Though many desire for work to be optional, most have other desires and dreams such as buying a first or second home, paying for higher education, or purchasing an airplane or a boat. We work with our clients to help you select the proper investments for your goals given your timeframe and risk tolerance.

Retirement Planning

Many of our clients have different views on retirement and what it means –from the ability to live the lifestyle that one wants without having to work another day to not having to say no to opportunities that they want to pursue, to travelling around the country/world, to being able to contribute to the community in a way that matters, to being able to spend time with my family and those that they love in the way they always wanted.

At Objective Planning, we realize that retirement can look different for each of our clients depending on their definition of retirement and their desire of what that would look like.  We can help you plan for that retirement, whether that be assisting you with an accumulation plan or monitoring your expenses and withdrawals if you are currently in retirement.

Estate Planning

At Objective Planning we can work with you and your attorney to help you with your estate planning. This could include beneficiary reviews, considering gifting strategies, etc. Though we cannot draft legal documents, we find that reviewing various gifting and estate planning strategies and how it fits with our clients goals is appreciated by many of our clients.