The Danger of Comparison

Let us get something straight. At least as I write this article, I am fat. I am not just overweight… I am technically obese. Am I as fat as other people that I know? No. I know people who are obviously less healthy when it comes to body size, etc. Am I fatter than other people I know? Yes. I definitely know of plenty people who are thinner, more muscular and healthy than myself.

Perhaps some of you are wondering where this is going. After all, this is supposed to be a blog at least in some sort related to financial planning…

The point is this. There is a very great danger in comparing yourself to others and using it as an excuse rather than focusing on what matters… where you should be in relationship to the capacities that you have and your goals.

People often tell me “but so-and-so spends more than I do and they make the same amount of money.” Unless your goal is to be so-and-so and to try to live the exact same life that they do, does that even make sense? Of course it does not.

Focus on your own stuff. Do what you need to do to get to your own goals. In my case with my weight, I need to exercise and watch my calorie intake. There are many ways in which I can exercise and there are many different foods which I may eat and either gain or lose weight respectively. What I may not do is take a look at other people and think that looking at other people is going to help me achieve success. If the ship is sinking… just being on a higher deck of the ship may not prevent me from being in trouble. Likewise, when it comes to peoples’ finances there are many ways to earn money, to invest that money so it will grow and to control spending so that you get the results that you want.

If you are in a situation where you truly do not need to work again because you have enough wealth built up to last you the rest of your life, please let me extend my congratulations. If you have not, then may I suggest that you need to do the things that will get you towards your financial goals instead of comparing yourself to others?

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