The Importance of Reflection

As the year draws to an end, perhaps this would be a good time to look back and reflect on 2011. What have you accomplished? Where have you fallen short of your goals? How do you feel about your accomplishments? Do you feel the goals that you did not achieve (if any) are still worth pursuing?

If you had goals that completely got disregarded, perhaps this may say something about the goal itself or at the very least, its placement in your life at this stage.

If you have met all of your goals for a number of years, please let me congratulate and challenge you. I am glad that you have met those things for which you have strived. However, if you always reach your targets, perhaps you are not setting your targets high enough given your capabilities. By the same token, if you consistently fall short of your goals, perhaps it would make sense to scale some of these down whether in terms of time frame or amount achieved.

Most likely, there may be some mix of goals that were attained, missed, or completely disregarded.  It is important to realize that most people’s priorities change with changing seasons or circumstances in life. What may have been important to us at one point can strike us as foolishness years later. This phenomenon can help us recognize the importance of trying to seek outside advice and perspective from those we trust before we commit to any of our goals.

In other blog posts I have mentioned a method for goal setting. Before you begin to write down your New Year’s Resolutions (if any), I would suggest that this could be a good time to go through the goal setting exercise again and look at exercises you may have completed in the past.

I look forward to hearing of your successes and the challenges that you face in reaching your goals. Please write and share them at